Con Art? In defence of Damien Hirst + Damien Hirst 360

| March 29, 2012 | 0 Comments
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Con Art? In defence of Damien Hirst + Damien Hirst 360

Published by the Channel 4 News,  Tuesday 27 March 2012

He’s Britain’s most famous artist but Damien Hirst’s work is “con art” and its value like toxic debt, says Julian Spalding. In defence of Hirst, Art Review’s Oliver Basciano writes for Channel 4 News.

For worst, we all have to sell ourselves somehow. And to be fair, if I had self-published a book online and needed a bit of publicity, I’d try chucking some rocks at the biggest kid in the playground for some attention too. The problem for me with Tuesday’s opinion piece in the Independent by Julian Spalding, the conservative critic and former curator, is that he’s not just having a dig at Damien Hirst, whose work he says has “no artistic content and are worthless as works of art”, but goes on to write-off the whole on contemporary, concept-led, art. Read More: Art Con? with many thanks.

If you want read more about the Art Critic Julian Spalding please click on link highlighted. Julian Spalding (born 15 June 1947) is a British art criticwriterbroadcaster and former curator. Considered to be a controversial maverick and outspoken critic of the art world, he’s been a regular contributor to arts, news and current affairs programs on radio and TV.

We quite like Damien Hirst’s work and you can decide for yourself as Damien Hirst 360 State-of-the-art online video tour of the exhibition: available on Channel for one week only from Monday 2 April 2012, 8pm To find out more go to: Damien 360

Damien HirstNoel Fielding, surrealist comedian and fellow artistic maverick, takes you on a private, interactive tour around Damien Hirst’s exhibition, providing context and insights into the artist’s controversial 25 year career. You can visit the exhibition for real at Tate Modern 4 April to 9 September 2012.

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